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GPS Chart Plotter

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Moody    0

Hey all,

Just joined the forum and happy to finally join the centurion crew.

So I just recently purchased the 2021 Ri257 and absolutely love it. But i have a few issues with the built in gps chart plotter. Anyone have any idea what the actual brand of the chart plotter is? In the manual i received it just says SxS HD Touch Vision Dash and I have purchased an SD Card from navionics, map for my region (Arabian Gulf/Gulf of Oman). Installing the card is completed as hell as it is behind the central dash and it needs to be disassembled to gain access to the card slot from the back. My issue right now is with activating the card from navionics as when you install the navionics chart installer software for activation and updating the map you are required to select the manufacturer of the of plotter and there are so many brands on the list i am not sure which one is applicable to centurion boats and it seems neither my dealer nor the manual mentions this at all. Has anyone resolved this issue?


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