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Hey guys! I purchased my first wake boat last week, an 09 Centurion Enzo SV240. I have a few questions. I bought it from a non-centurion dealer with 105 hours on it. She's beautiful, and I was told everything was functioning perfectly, but my first time out, the speedometer isn't working. It says 0mph until I really accelerate, and once I approach top speed it trickles up to 10-12 mph shown on the speedometer (although I'm clearly doing 35+). The dealer is supposed to look at it, but they're dragging their feet and handling it in a less than professional manner. Any idea what the issue might be?

It has the scorpion 377, and 5 hard ballast tanks, 1 center, 2 mid, and 2 rear. I surf goofy and ride the right side of the wake (the driver's side, is that the starboard side?) The other side of the wake is noticeably cleaner, I'm told because of the prop rotation. Any affordable ways to clean up my side? I'm hoping for an affordable but effective wake shaper recommendation. 

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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mikeyr114    1

As far as the speedometer - could be an issue with your paddlewheel. It is located in my 2010 avalanche right in front of the v-drive unit in a thru-hall fitting. It is about an 1.5" round black plastic piece that will unscrew. You can replace that or rebuild it. Last time I looked rebuild kit was about $35 and the new unit was maybe $120ish? Pretty simple plug and play. 

You may also want to explore the GPS sensor that is plug and play from www.nauticlaugic.com 

There are some benefits and drawbacks to each that I am not totally familiar with relating to water current based on usage ( river vs. lake or bay )

In my 2010 Avy, I have a right hand rotation prop which throws a great surf wake on the "goofy" or drivers (starboard) side with just ballast, but to get a surfable wave on the "normal" or port side I need to add a wakeshaper device. I use the mission delta device and have had great luck in addition to the ballast tanks. This device goes on the opposite side that you are surfing on just below the water line at the rear of the boat. I have also upgraded to bigger bags in the rear two lockers, which is something you will probably want to do. 

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