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Stuck Water Separator filter

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Bernie    0

Hello All,

I have a stuck Water Separator filter on my 2004 Centurion Enzo 230. I have tried several filter wrenches and the screw drive threw the filter with no luck. It is getting to the point of bending the base assembly unit. My last option, besides taking it to a mechanic,  is to remove the base assembly unit and try removing the filter outside the boat or replacing the base assembly unit. In removing the assembly I will have to disconnect 3 fuel lines. One line that comes from the fuel pump. Is there anything I need to be careful about with this removal other than leaking gas? Should I expect a lot of gas to come out of the lines? 

The assembly is #1 in the diagram below.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions and help.





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beau t    8

Have you tried spraying it with some kind of penetrating oil , normally its the o-ring that has froze up (in my experience), I'm guessing you have already tried a filter wrench also? Anyhow after you get it off when installing the new 1 if you will put a little dielectric grease around the o-ring it will make it easier to get off just don't go crazy with it just a light film around it.

Now if you have to pull it off it looks like it has o-rings around #11 and #12 make sure you have wrenches on #5 and#6 to back hold them while breaking  loose #11 and #12 - inspect the o-rings for damage and replace if needed. 

Edit if this sounds elementary i don't mean it that way just don't know your mechanical ability, and nice job providing a pic for us to know what your asking.

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Mrwick    66

I would remove the filter header (filter base) and use a vise and what ever type of plier or wrench it takes to remove it.   Remember to lube the gasket on the filter before install..... even a fuel filter.  New engine oil is about as good of lube for this application as you can get.  Follow the filter manufactures pictographs on the filter for required tightness.  It is typically half a turn after the gasket touches the header.  Over tightening can lead to the problem you are having with a stuck filter and under tightening leads to leaks.....it’s hard to say what caused your filter to become stuck... good luck!

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