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Waking    0

Hey Crew...looking at a 2014 SV244 pending a few factors, including determine the dimensions on trailer.  I have a big garage, but can't find the stats on the boat anywhere and I don't trust the limp tape measure measurement I've taken myself at the dealer.  

Anyone happen to have the original info that might include the length on trailer with platform removed and tower folded?

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InfinitySurf    299

On the trailer with the tounge folded and the swim platform installed....you are roughly 26ft 6" long. Without folding it you are right at 28ft. Removing the swim platform does not buy you much room (maybe 6") since you have the center trim tab back there.

The height depends on the tower you have. That year they had the gladiator tower (most boats).... and the Aegis Tower. Not sure of the Gladiator specs but my Aegis tower folded is approx 8ft 6" tall....this is on a Boatmate tandem axle with the 18" wheels

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Scooper    1

We have the Gladiator tower on our 13 SV244. I am going off my memory and a picture but there is no way with the tower down that its over 8' tall. The hinge Point is right at about 6' off the ground with 15'' Tires on a Boatmate trailer. 

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