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Lift Capacity for Elite

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mspring135    0

I'm new to boat lifts, I've always had a slip in the past. For a 2006 Elite C4, I'm thinking that a 4000lb lift will be enough. NADA states that the dry weight is 2900 so I'm thinking that I am at ~3400-3600. Does that sound right?  Is anyone else with the mid 2000's centurions running a 4000lb lift? I searched and saw that a couple guys have 4000lb lifts for the same year Avy which is a bit heavier. She's in the water now, otherwise I'd find a truck scale and weigh it on the trailer.  Thanks!

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Yes you are right on.  For those era Direct Drive boats (Falcons, Sports, Eclipse and Elites) 3600 - 4000lb lifts were the popular choice.

You should be fine, just keep an eye on the cables.

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