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1St Wakeboard Boat advice plz

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Jjones1895    0

I'm a ready to purchase my first wakeboard boat and the information is overwhelming:) . I have been boating my whole life that have always had an inboard outboard. I did not realize that's so much went into these wakeboard boats.. I'm currently looking at a 2001 Centurion Avalanche but it has the walkthrough?? Perfect pass,700 hours New interior and very clean.20k

I am also looking at a centurion cyclone 2001 and an elite v.

I want a boat that is good size  for my family.. I love to wakeboard and want to teach my grandchildren to board Surf and Tube. I also just want something that  can cruise comfortably on the water to explore the lake... which model would be recommended? Does the walkthrough make that big of a difference?. Thank you for any and all input.

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rhino89523    29

I have one with a walkthrough, it makes a difference on resale value, it makes a difference if you don't want to see a visible bladder and plan to surf it...other than that I don't think it makes any difference at all. I guess maybe the seating, but for really long days on the lake we often stuff an additional cooler right there and people will sit on that. When we went to Lake Powell I had 5 gas jugs chilling in the walkthrough so we could do a bunch of exploring. I paid 20 for mine a few years ago and have been very happy with it. The wave for surfing is really solid both sides. The wake for boarding is a little temperamental to weight, I usually leave my underwalkway bladder full, just move a few people around. Cruising comfortable is pretty easily done, the Avalanche cuts rough water well, the only issue with cruising is if you surf a lot you end up with a seriously flat tug boat prop and your top cruise speed suffers from flat prop pitch. The 2001 Avalanche will have the 1 to 1 V drive ratio unless someone has changed it, at altitude that ratio requires the flattest prop made to run significant ballast....at or close to sea level not as much of an issue.

The one thing I don't know much about is if the hull design was different in 2001, mine is a 2005. I know some of the earlier Centurions had this huge cutout and that does make a difference for the surf wave. I just don't know the Hull years all that well. 

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