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Skervegas    0

 I have a 2015 FS 33 and the RamFill  gates are not opening.   When I engage the trailer mode button on the dash I can see the red keys on these units spinning. When I go underneath the boat to visually verify, the gates are still closed.  Please help save our late season trip to Powell! 


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Dreamer    89

I have an issue like this almost every year with my quickfill valves as they tend to seize over time. I just replace them. My boat is not a ramfill boat so I'm not sure if your valves have the same issue. Hopefully someone else will chime in. 

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InfinitySurf    277

You have the old style Drainmaster valves. If your boat is still under warranty, they will convert you to the Valterra valves on fill and drain since it was basically a recall and they are known to fail. Valterra's have better gears in them.

Converting to Valterra requires some changes (its not plug and play on the fill side tho on the drain side they are) so you may want to just get new Drainmasters for now. Here is a link to place that sells them with correct plug.

On fill side the conversion parts are required since the new Valterra valves will likely hit the bottom of the seat when up due to the angle, least they did on my boat.



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