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compression test for motor with 130 hours?

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jtryon    7

i'm looking at an '07 avy with 130 hours and the black scorpion.  would you get a compression test on a motor that has that low of hours, or lake test and decide from there?  if not, at what hours do you start thinking about confirming the shape of the motor with a compression and/or leakdown test?

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Wylie_Tunes    139

Are those true hours from the ECM? Thats only 10 hours a year. I idle more then that in a season changing riders and filling/dumping ballast. 

I would not even consider compression on anything less then 1000 hrs on a used but maintained boat. This would looking for normal wear. However, a not so well taken care of boat can have a low hole at even low hours. Buying used, if it makes you more comfortable, have the tests done. 

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rhino89523    29

For overall motor health I kind of like a leak down test but either gives you a decent overall condition of the motors top end. To be honest though I buy vehicles all the time and even with my boat I didn't do a compression or leakdown test...I just went out and ran it. 

With my boat the motor ran great but the steering was tight, was able to knock another G off the purchase price knowing it needed a steering cable installed...worth it to me, the cable cost $100 or so and it took less than an hour for me to put it in.

A compression or leakdown test says nothing about the multiple sensors, fuel system, cooling system etc. I'd rather run it than test it if given only one option. Most of the problems I see encountered these days has more to do with sensors, electrical components and fuel system components than times I see a motor with bad valves or rings. I'd almost rather have it scanned than a compression test given the choice. 

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