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Duneit    0

I just got back from a test drive of a 2019 RI237. We are planning to buy an RI257 this winter but wanted to ride the wave first. Our local dealer doesn't have any 257's in stock so we rode the 237. Unfortunately I was very underwhelmed. After researching for months and from reading everything I could online I thought for sure I would be buying a Centurion this winter. I'm going to test drive a Malibu 24MXZ in a couple weeks to compare. I really like all the specs on the Centurion though. Any thoughts? Could the dealer have been that far off on set up? They had full ram fill tanks and full pnp except no water in pnp in the bow. Thanks for any opinions



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Cdifranco    462

The 257 is a beat of a boat and wave. Dial the boat in correctly and if you’re still not impressed than what you’re looking for isn’t out there. 🤙🏼

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BoardCo    109

Yes, the dealer was that far off on setup...

The Ri257 is bar none the best surf boat ever built which has been verified time after time after time but the Ri237 isn't that far off and I would put it at basically a tie between the Ri237 and Fi25 as the 2nd best surf boat ever. I have NEVER had someone climb off a Ri237 and not be blown away by the performance on it.

To give you some idea this video was behind a Ri237:


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