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Blower Motor Vent Assembly

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MrSmithers    0

I need to replace my blower motor, it's making horrendous noises.  When I look at the vent piping, I'm not 100% sure it's all hooked up correctly.  Here's what I have:  #2 drops down to the bottom of the engine block (this is where the air gets sucked from),  air flows through the blower motor (white) and out pipe #1 and blows to the forward facing vent on the right side of the boat.  #3 goes to the forward facing vent on the left side of the boat but is not connected to anything in the engine compartment (I assume this one allows fresh air to be drawn in when the blower motor is on?) 4 is an open double vent to the back of the boat but has 2 4" collars (see second picture) that could possibly be connected to vent pipe.  

Since I'm going to replace the blower I'd like to set it all up correctly.  My question is ... is this all correct?  Or did the previous owner connect/reconnect some pipes to make it all work?  



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Troy    223

Looks like how mine is on my 08 Avy but #3 goes to the side vent on the port side. I removed my blower from the #1 and moved it to the #3 because we only surf the starboard side, that way when water comes in my starboard vent it doesn't go through the blower, just straight to the bilge. 

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