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Loud Buzz from Sub

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Jake707    170

So I thought I fixed the loud buzz I was getting from my sub when plugging in the faceplate. Basically i pilled thr power wire off the 1 into 4 T-Spec cable distribution block and found the post for the amp of the sub was melted. I switched it to the free post I had since I’m only running three amps and everything seemed to work fine. 

Half way through the day today it started up again out of nowhere. I’m assuming I’m going to find another melted post but haven’t got in there yet. 

Mid that’s the case what would cause this? I’ve got three or four straight seasons no issues with the sub and amp till now

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Wylie_Tunes    139

Other then swapping one amp feed cable to another output on the distribution block, did the cut back the insulation to expose fresh wire? Was it the main trunk or the branch cable for the suspect amp? 

Are the cables of adequate for the loads?  

A condition like that usually points to a poor connection, causing the arcing, resulting in the heat. Cable gauge and secure connections need to be addressed first.

I would want to measure voltage right at the amp with amp powered up and buzzing. Next, swap the woofer amp RCA with another amp thats not making any unwanted noise. This isolates the noise down to its source. 

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Jake707    170

Ok I had a little time today between jobs to crawl in there. I popped the power from the sub amp off the Dist block and everything looked fine. No melting signs like the other side. Put it back together and of course everything works like it should. 

When putting it back on the block I did not cut new wire. It was the amp side of the block that was melted not the supply in side and the other two amp outs were fine. 

Supply in is 1/0 and the out supply to each amp is 4 gauge. Connections all seemed solid and tight. 

I tried unplugging RCAs before and it didn’t change anything. Always the sub buzzing which led me to the sub amp and power supplies. 

Since it was working fine in the driveway I let it play for a couple hours at half volume so my neighbors don’t hate me. I thought maybe it was due to it getting hot and over heating? So I let it play hoping whatever happened on the water would happen now. But it played solid the whole time and never went out. 

Not sure what to do next. Really would have like to find a smoking gun to fix before my camping trip in two weeks. 

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