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Joining the club with my 2011 Avalanche C4

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Richie    1

Just want to say hello and ask what I'm sure will end up being, a TON of questions.  I just bought a 2011 Avalanche C4! (taking delivery in a week or 2).  I'm excited to say the least.  This is my family's first boat and we can't wait to get on the water.  Thanks in advance for any and all help.

2 questions to start...

1. The edges of the swim platform cover are peeling up.  Do you guys recommend a factory style pad or sea dek/ gator step style?  I'm a handy guy, so making one from scratch to save $$ is a plus.

2. The boat does not have the bow filler cushion.  It's not a major priority, but I thought I would start early in my search.  The interior is Light Grey/Too Blue

Thanks again for the add and I look forward to getting to know you all,



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Troy    230

Welcome! Beautiful boat.

Most people replace the pad with a see deck or gator step. 

The bow filler? probably be better off just building one.  They are hard to find. 

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InfinitySurf    302

Congrats on the new boat! By far, boating is the best family time investment I ever made.

I bought decking from Aqua Marine early 2018 (maybe January). Aqua Marine is basically the same as GatorStep or SeaDeck and the decking pieces I ordered from them perfectly matched the factory decking I already had in some places, I did not replace my swim platform decking. If they do not have the template, you can get a mylar kit and make a custom template, they entire it into their system and will make it too size. After you send it in they will give you the pricing and I found them to be 20-25% cheaper than above names 2 companies. I do hear very good reviews about GatorStep. FYI, as far as I know, none of the companies have permission to use the Centurion logo on the decking, to me that did not matter, just letting you know.

See link below, there is actually a 20-30% off, GROUP BUY for Gatorstep going on till 02/23 if you want to jump on that bandwagon and save some money...discount is only for templates they have on their website....but the C4 is a popular boat and I would say they will have a template for your swim deck, just VERIFY its the correct size since some boats have a "regular size swim platform" and some have a slightly smaller "surf sized" swim step (that is what my boat has, keeps the swim platform from cutting into the wave when listed).


When I bought my boat, it did not have a bow filler cushion, they are pretty hard to find used tho you may get lucky.... it worth looking for sure first.

I ended up making my own bow fillter the following summer since my kids use the bow a lot and its very handy to have for that, makes the bow more usable IMO for kids especially...and its also nice to have since I also put 300lbs of lead under the bow filler space when surfing, so the bow filler keeps that area dry and the lead bags out of sight.

To make the bow filler, I took a piece of cardboard and made my own template since you have rounded edges and mine also had a tapered pattern toward front. I carefully the piece of cardboard down till it was perfect (leaving roughly 1/8" space around perimeter since the new vinyl skin will take up some of that space. I ordered a piece of HDPE online (don't remember the name but they cut it to the size I ordered (cost maybe $60 with shipping?). ordered the piece approx 2" longer and wider than I needed, think roughly 16" wide X 31" long tho they are all different (I ordered 3/4" thick HDPE but likely would have been fine with 1/2", for sure fine with 5/8", really depends on how big an area it is..I mention that just cause the bow filler is heavier than it needs to be and in retrospect,  I should have done it a bit thinner).....then traced my template on it with sharpie and cut it out with jigsaw.

I have a local upholstery shop, so I took the cut HDPE board to them.... they already had the foam and a piece of vinyl in stock that matched some silver accents I already had, think I paid them like $100 to make it including material since they had that leftover from another job. Originally did this in early 2017 and the pic with silver color vinyl is what they installed then. In spring of 2018...I got a piece of matching vinyl so it now looks completely factory and has factory vinyl on it.

While I was messing with the vinyl for bow filler, I also added a step into my back seat to keep people from stepping on my vinyl when getting to the transom....and at same time I added some decking pieces from Aqua Marine. I needed a piece of decking for this back seat step anyway...but also ordered/installed pieces around the boat in few areas to help keep wear down (bow areas, gunnels, cooler lid cover, bottom of all cup holders, etc). Anyway, I decided to add the back seat step since the seams tend to always have issues first and stitching starts pulling apart or separating (which is what was happening to my 2014), I think this will help extend the life of my vinyl at back seat for sure. Mentioning this in case you are interested in something similar since you will have to get some vinyl anyway for the bow filler tho it will probably be harder for you to match vinyl on back seat.

I can get you more pics/info if you want, I got the idea from how they do the back seat steps in the Nautique G3 and the Malibu LSV23. Honestly I don't know why this is not done in more boats from the factory, I know some people don't like that you "lose a place to sit", but I rarely have anyone wanting to sit right in the middle anyway and someone could still certainly still sit there, just not as soft, lol....but I basically pulled the back seat apart and decided where I wanted the step to go. I cut an 11"x11" square into my seat foam and after pre-drilling and securing them together, I inserted 2) HDPE blocks into the foam cut-out (height of blocks I made 1/4" lower than foam so when I installed the top step and secured, it would "suck" down into the seat a little). Then I drilled a few holes into the bottom of the factory HDPE of back seat and secured the blocks securely to the back seat so the became immobile. I then cut a 12"x12" piece of 3/8" thick HDPE to use as the "step" (I wanted the top step piece to overhang the bottom support by 1" since I figured if they were even, the vinyl may show crinkles in it later....and that worked out well since it still looks perfectly smooth 100hrs of surfing later) ..... I routered both sides of the step to put a nice edge on all 4 sides and then pre-drilled 4 holes into that as well as the lower blocks into the back seat so it would get installed exactly perfect later.

Then I had the upholster shop recover the back seat with new vinyl, basically as if I was not doing a custom step, I told them to do nothing different. Once I got the newly covered seat back from them, I located the pre-drilled holes and inserted the 4) 3" long screws and snugged them down pretty tight since I wanted zero movement. Then I installed the piece of Aqua Marine Decking. In retrospect, I think the ONLY thing I would have done differently, is slightly rounded the 4 outside corners of he exposed step. Nothing bad has happened, but it occurred to me later that stubbing or catching your toe on it could hurt and a rounded corner would prevent that.

Really the only issue has been new people on my boat, not using their eyes and litterally stepping NEXT to the step (on the back seat vinyl) when going to transom. I dont make a big deal about it since being on the water is my stress relief.... but have gotten in the habit of telling people when they get on boat the first time what the step is for, and to please use it (and the factory transom walk-tru) and not step on my seat/vinyl. Actually there was one guy last summer that pissed me off so much that I finally threw him out of my boat and never let him back on, over several hours he intentionally stepped on the seats over and over till I finally decided it was time for him to learn a lesson. It shouldn't anymore, but I am still sometimes surprised at how ignorant and crappy people can act when invited to enjoy time on a boat that someone else works very hard to have and maintain. Mistakes happen, I don't tolerate intentional disrespect and would never do that to someone else.

Pic #1 is the original bow filler vinyl. Pic #2 is the following summer when I had the bow filler recovered with factory vinyl from a leftover piece (nothing wrong with 1st one, just wanted it too look 100% factory), also shows the decking piece I got for cooler lid (I replaced the snap in carpet piece that came from factory). Pics #3 & #4 are the step I added in back seat along with some of the Aqua Marine decking pieces I added to boat. Pics #5/6/7 are also Aqua Marine decking that I added.

Post up some more PICTURES of your boat when you get it. We love pics.....but you will have to re-size them so they are small enough to upload. I will paste a link below that I use, its a free site where you can upload the regular sized pics, then resize them how you want....then download the resized pics to your computer. Then you can upload them here (make sure you pics are approx 100-150kb or they will be too large to upload here).


If you plan to do mods and spend a good bit of time on this forum learning about your boat, asking questions on DIY, etc... you may wanna consider becoming a supporting member. (You have a popular boat that will do everything very well and there is a ton of info on this site that you can search). Anyway, it only costs $30yr, gives you more space so you can upload more pics, etc, and the info here can be invaluable when you get a new boat. I know for me it was and I was able to learn a ton from the experienced members. You can save a ton of money doing most of your own mods and DIY maintenance. Its not for everyone, but to me working on the boat is relaxing and something I enjoy, not to mention being able to fix your own boat can save many weekends if something goes wrong and dealers are busy....plus you know its done right. Anyway, welcome and may also be worth checking out the FaceBook page for Centurion/Supreme, ton of activity over there.

Resized bow filler cushion.jpg

Webp.net-resizeimage (17).jpg

Seat step and transom.jpg

Webp.net-resizeimage (13).jpg

Finished cup holders.jpg

Gunnel pads.jpg

Rear half of boat.jpg

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Richie    1

WOW... I feel like I just got a custom writeup just for me...Hellofa way to welcome a new guest!  Thanks!  I'm trying my best not to spend money an a boat that I haven't even taken delivery on...but it's hard.  

Thanks again!



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