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2017 S238 questions

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Creekrat82    3

So after some major repairs to my parents ski boat I have finally convinced the Mrs that we need one of our own. It’s the 2 of us plus our 2 boys. I’ve found a 2017 S238 holdover that we’re looking at and wanted to get some opinions here.  Our mix of water sports will be surf/wakeboard/kneeboard with surf being the predominant one. The boat is optioned with the crusader 6.0(409 hp), quick surf, Bimini with board pockets, a pair of icon 8s, heater and wind screen for the walk thru, and does have some metal flake. The boat is stickered at $89,725. The sticker doesn’t list what prop is in the boat and I am trying to find out. We boat on Grand Lake O the Cherokee in northeastern Oklahoma which is at about 750’ of elevation. 


I was curious as to what what I should be able to expect or be asking for in respect to percentage off of msrp. If we end up with this boat I would definitely go ahead and drop the WakeMAKERS bag setup and order some leadwake or wakeballast for underneath the bags and to move around. 


Thanks for any insight 

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Cameron    4

That price is quite high in my opinion as i paid 90K CAD +GST with 1 hour on the boat. The only difference is mine has the 5.7 Engine. Mine also has 4 Rev 8 speakers on the tower which is 2 more then you are saying you would get. I would be pushing to get it for no more then 80K USD depending on how many hours are on the boat.

As for a review on the boat, I love it and would recommend it to anyone, especially at this price point. It is known as a surf boat so you will be happy with that forsure. Wakeboarding/kneeboarding is great as well but also depends on how advanced they are as the wake is bigger then what you would get with an outboard, even without any of the ballasts full.

The 238 loves weight. Upgrading the ballasts is a must in my opinion and pretty much everyone elses opinion as well. Also moving the rear tab actuators to the farthest hole from the boat must be done as well.

Good luck and if you buy it let us know how you like it.

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mfenton2    2

I picked up a new 17 s238 leftever for 72,500 with the 6.0 and  every option even the blinged out trailer. 89k is really high. You will like the boat! It is a solid built boat and throws a good surf wave, you just have to weight it right. Like Cameron said the s238 loves weight. I don't have any regrets about buying mine. The boat is simple to operate which is what I like . 

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Creekrat82    3

I agree on the 89k being high but that is merely the sticker msrp. I’m trying to find out what prop is on it currently and what exactly the sales guy is considering a “deal” on this boat

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-HONCHO-    13

This is what $88k out the door in 2017 got me,

 wakemakers upgrade,  

6 cleats total, 

bow fill cushion, 

heater with hot tube and 2 outlets,

walk through wind block

Gatorstep flooring, swim step, trailer steps, and fenders

clarion CM-2 bluetooth AM/FM USB stereo with 6.5" wet sounds WS65B speakers and HT-6 amp, 2 sets of concert series wet sounds REV 8" tower speakers and a 12" sub

swivel board racks for octo tower

PTM edge HD mirror

PNP rear ballast bags, bow ballast bag and quick surf

bimini top with surf pockets, and boat cover

depth finder/water temp

1 smooth trac fin

touch screen dash monitor with trim tab display

zero off cruise control

2nd battery package

6.0 409hp engine

and a pimped out tandem trailer with led lighting.








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Creekrat82    3

Well the dealer has gotten back with me and as far as prop goes he says it has the “standard” 15”. He did state that they have added all of the pnp ballast to it and that they are currently asking $83,900. 

Unfortunately, the wife and I are in the process of refinancing our house and it looks like we’ll soon be in a legal ordeal with some deadbeat lessees that are skipping out on $1500 a month in rent so I’m hoping we’re in the position to pull the trigger around the first of the year which totally sucks but it is what it is. I plan to keep my eye out on this boat and should they still have it when we’re ready I’m thinking we should be able to get otd in the low 70s. Does that seem feasible for a 2017 at that point in time? That’d be somewhere in the range of 20-25% off of msrp for what is a brand new 2 year old boat

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