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Speakers and Racks for S21 Tower

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stubaaceve    0

Hello all, I have a 2015 S21 that does not have any board racks or speakers mounted on the tower. What speakers and racks with which adapters work with the built in mounting points on the stock tower? It seems like the rear rack mounting points will support a swivel-type rack. Are the speaker mounts the same as MasterCraft towers? It looks like the Wet Sounds MC-11 adapters might work. I'd like to use the existing mounting points, rather than clamps. Thanks.

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h20king    788

Adaptor is the same as mastercraft. If you can swing it do a set of rev 10's on the tower and they sell the adapter as well . For racks I really like the Samson sports swivel racks. Granted they are not clamping racks but the swivel mechanism is the best on the market. 

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strev    26

This is my tower setup on my 2015 s21. 

Pair of Rev 10's, Samson swivel racks and Piper surf racks.

I'm 6' tall and I never hit my head on boards or racks, I LOVE this setup!


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InfinitySurf    249

x2 on the Corson Piper board racks for under tower. Favorite setup ever and does not damage expensive boards. You can mount these racks in lots of different ways, even seen one guy attach to swivel rack on side of tower and use them that way, above tower.....etc, but since I also only have outside speakers on my tower (REV-8's)....I have mine mounted the same way as Strev since the bimini also protects boards from sun. I need to get some updated pics, these are from last year, just after I installed the racks.... set one of them up to carry my kids extra huge/heavy ZUP board, but when I don't have the ZUP, will still carry regular boards.

You can contact him at CorsonPiper@gmail.com if you are interested


Webp.net-resizeimage (1).jpg

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