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NickyT    0

2006 Centurion Cyclone

Speedometer worked great last season, it’s not working at all this year. All other gauges are working fine. 

Where should I start the trouble shooting process?

Thank you!

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86SKI    12

Not as famailar with newer boats that have Perfect Pass and whatnot but I would start here: http://www.centurioncrew.com/index.php?/forums/topic/9011-pp-and-speedometer-stopped-working/

Be sure to make use of the search function on these forums. Hopefully others can chime in and point you in the right direction if that post doesn't help!


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Jake707    168

Just an opinion here but if youre referring to your paddle wheel stock speedo not working, it was never really that accurate to begin with haha. I wouldn't spend too much money trying to fix it. Instead put that towards a GPS style cruise control type system like perfect pass or others

Now if you want to climb under the dash the first place I would look are the wire connections to the back of the gauge itself and then to the power buss bar that those wires come from. Look for firm connections with no corrosion of any kind as it only takes a little bit of corrosion on those small gauge wires to block the flow. This would be my guess since it worked fine before parking for the winter and now doesn't. Probably just grew some mold/rust around the leads, which a good wire brush could clean right off.

They do sell replacement gauges however they are a few hundred from what Ive seen and that only gets you back to a not very accurate gauge to begin with.  Your call either way.

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