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EliteV    1

Im with spiiina on this one. Ignition module is like brain surgery to my simple mind. 


Really trying to determine best place to mount the module at the moment. Then the balls to cut the old ignition wires to attach them to module. And lastly a good place to attach the ground/kill switch



any advice?

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Spiiina    0

So after thinking I was crazy, I finally broke out the meter to determine that the module I received wasn’t working as it should. Obviously no one’s fault but they gladly sent me a new module and everything is working as expected now. 

@EliteV be sure to take pics of everything before  disconnecting the ignition wires. Finding a ground is a bit challenging but when you open the bow seat on the driver’s side, you’ll have a couple options to tap into. Going to add a pic (which may not be helpful at all btw) but at worst you should be able to tap into the red alarm speaker in the blue highlight box. The yellow box has the wire that I actually spliced into as it was a thicker gauge wire and figured it would act as a better ground.

The key point of getting the radio to turn on as lovetosurf mentioned is to clip the Red wire connected to the Stereo dash switch/button and connect the white wire from the module, to the red wire that goes to the stereo switch itself. I capped off the other end of the red wire for good measure. Don’t cut the red wire too close to the switch like I did or else you’ll have a tough time connecting it to the accessory/white wire. Added a pic for this too  

Hopefully this doesn’t make it more confusing but let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

P.S. Having trouble with pic sizes will make a separate post for them   


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