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Typical Thermostat Temperature Range?

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Zteven    1

What range of temps do you see during normal operation?

I changed the 160* thermostat on my 5.7 as part of regular maintenance and I am now seeing anywhere from 155* to 165* at around 4,000RPM.  I feel like the old thermostat had a lot less range - say 158* to 162*.

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InfinitySurf    272

I don't know for sure what is technically/mechanically right, but that sounds ok to me. My boat runs between 160-170, I think once it warmed up it stays within about 5 degrees (168-170 is what I see most often) unless I open her up and then it can sometimes creep to 172 max... but cant say for certain the exact range mine stays at since main thing I look at is it not going over 175 mark.

I am actually looking for a place to replace my thermostat too, just as preventative maintenance.

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