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  1. 1. What do people do to winterize their boat? Multiple selections are ok.

    • Take it to the dealer.
    • Do it themselves.
    • I don't have to winterize because where I live we surf all year.
    • Blow the coolant system out.
    • Add antifreeze to the cooling system.
    • Heated garage, leaving no need to winterize.
    • Boat is outside.

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Cwazy1    89

Pull 6 plugs on the engine/manifold to drain. 

Pull heater hose on one end of engine and blow to clear hose and radiator. 

Remove intake strainer and dump out water

Pull v drive plug 

Turn on ballast pumps to ensure no water between ballast pump impeller veins

Open and close QF valves to ensure no water

Extra pooh: 

top off gas tank, pour appropriate stabil

oil change

oil filter change

replace impeller every other year

quick inspection of all hoses/wires/belt/lines


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