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Falcon Tru Trac III Hull Slalom wake

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Knoxninja    1


   Looking to get some info possibly. We have a local group of slalom skiers who recently skied behind a 1998 Falcon Tru Trac III.  BEST. SLALOM. WAKE. EVER.(Most off us ski 15 off to 22 off @ 34. ) We ski behind a nautique 200 and Prostar regularly and all off us were shaking our heads asking where this boat has been.  Does anyone have history behind the hull design and which boat iterations shared the same hull. Thanks for help.

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Skibumm    184

Now you know why I do not have a new slalom tug.  I have not found one that skis better than my 94 Falcon.  They are as good but not any better.  Mine does have more of a bump at 28 off than the new ones but not much more.  The hull is pretty much the same as the older tru trac which went through the eclipse as well.

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