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2002 Centurion Eclipse DD Steering Cable

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TCL7    0

Hello fellow Centurions. I have been trying to do some research on trying to find out what cable is in my Eclipse so that I can replace it. Does anyone have an eclipse that may be better be able to tell me what the cable is. Recently got the boat out on the water after winter hibernation and the steering was TERRIBLE. I know it's already tough being a direct drive, but this was far worse than usual. I'm sure the cable has never been changed since the boat's inception so I figured now would be a good time to take the rudder down, grease it, check all the seals, and throw in a new cable for the summer. I cannot find the anywhere online that says what could be in there, and figured I would ask here first as the boat is in a slip about 45 minutes away from me to go check. Thanks guys!

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P10-WRC    6

Not sure on your boat, but there should be a part number listed on the cable itself in a few locations. Maybe you need to pop the center hatch and see if you can find it. When I did my cable in my Typhoon, i was able to read the number (in white) from the cable right by my motor

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