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Lak3surf3r    713

Sweet. I just got my 4 new Valterra's in the mail today and dealer is replacing them under warranty next week!

Nice, make sure you have the latest firmware on your boat as well when they replace them .

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RhuntIII    557

Well looks like I'll be jumping in on this bandwagon. Just found out today that my Drain Masters stuck in the closed position. :angry: Anyways Researching this Valterras online and see Part number E40A-8 for 3" spigot to spigot, E40B-8 for 3" Hub to Hub and a E40-8 3" Spigot to Hub. By the looks of the pics this could be a 3" ID and 3" OD. Any Ideas on the correct one?

I'm thinking E40A-8 as it slides into...

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N8 Froelich    12

I went ahead and made the swap to Valterra's on our 2011 240+ enzo. Finally this feature of the boat works as designed. Wish I would have done this long ago. I used the  E40A-8 mentioned by a crew member in this thread and they worked. I also took the advice from this thread

regarding the wiring. One benefit of the Valtera's is that depending on how you mount them you can easily see if they are open or closed (whereas the drainmasters were always a mystery). I tipped mine inboard towards the engine compartment and they cleared the divider panel and when the locker cover is open you can see if the handle is open or closed. So far they are working fantastic. 


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