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ANNOUNCEMENT: Official 2016 Centurion Boats All New Ri237 Model Details and Photos

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Cwazy1    80

Trump's running slogan was to boost economy and american jobs by deregulation and decreasing taxes.


If your speculation is right, and there is some sort of tax imposed on American exports making exports non tax exempt before reaching destination country, that would violate both of Trump's running mantras- lower taxes for businesses and boosting american jobs. A tax like that would decrease American produced exports- thus causing businesses to lose money and lay off employees and also cause for higher tax burden on American companies- something Trump is VERY against.


I say, just buy it and have fun!


Now in regards to the currency exchange... isn't it more expensive to buy from the states due to the weak CAD? If I could buy a boat from Canada and import to USA, I would due to the great USD<>CAD ratios..

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DarksideR    1,663

Hey rockballer... just buy the damn boat! :)

Just put an agreement in with Tony that there can't be any surprises. You want an all taxes and fees amount... out the door price.

You better act fast cause they only make so many and early build dates have likely already been filled. I believe build time is approx 4 weeks.

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